Rushmore Coffee Co. //

– Our Story –


Australia’s coffee scene is fairly well known throughout the world as having a lot of exciting things to offer, and after living between Australia and North America, 3 friends noticed some unique differences in the ways each culture approached and consumed coffee. We found cold brew to be widely popular throughout the USA, but hardly available here at home. After falling in love with cold brew’s refreshing smoothness, we saw an opportunity to venture outside of an espresso and milk driven market, and combine a beautiful brewing method with superbly roasted coffee. 

As roasters explore increasingly lighter roasts, it can be challenging to find a truly balanced cup when drinking coffee black. Through collaboration with local roasters, we’ve worked hard to find the best balance between roast depth and the acidic notes which can be difficult for some to palate. We brew medium roasted, organic and fair-trade certified, single origin beans. This delivers a consistently smooth black coffee while retaining as much of the beans natural characteristics as possible. 

We care deeply about well being, but also about the place we get to call home, so when we thought about bringing cold brew to customers as a business, we knew we wanted our considerations to extend far beyond just smooth and aromatic cold brew. We use reverse osmosis filtered water to remove any unwanted trace chemicals and minerals which can alter the final brew, we store our coffee in amber glass bottles to maximise its shelf life without the need for sugars or preservatives, and we screen print our bottles by hand. This not only enables us to collect and re-use bottles to minimise lifecycle impacts, but removes the frustration for those who re-purpose bottles within the home and find adhesive labels entirely frustrating to remove.

Finally, we gave a lot of thought to what happens to our coffee after brewing. We produce a fair amount of grounds, so as opposed to just having them collected as trash, we have reached out to local horticulture and permaculture groups who value coffee as natural soil conditioner and use it to manage pests. We store and offer our grounds back to the community so this great resource can provide further benefits to local greenery and food production.

Rushmore Coffee, wholeheartedly crafted.