– Frequently Asked Questions –


Although cold brew is familiar to us, we know it's still fairly new to the Australian market so we've complied a list of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have an unanswerd question or just want to know a bit more about our cold brew, email us at info@rushmorecoffee.com


What is Cold Brew coffee?

Cold brew is created through a beautifully simple method of extracting coffee. Time replaces heat. Using a full immersion technique, freshly roasted coffee is brewed in pure reverse osmosis filtered water. After many slow and delicate hours, small hand crafted batches are double filtered to produce a vibrant, low acid and incredibly smooth drink.

Why is Cold Brew different?

Since cold brewing uses time as opposed to heat, different parts of the coffee solubles are extracted. Compared to espresso, cold brew coffee contains a lot less of the compounds most commonly associated with bitter or sour flavours. Cold brewing highlights the beans sweet and delicate flavours without any of the harshness which can be found in hot coffee.

Where do you source your beans?

We are committed to sourcing the highest quality fair-trade and organic coffee through partnerships with local roasters. We embrace the fact that coffee is a seasonal commodity, and source freshly roasted single origin beans best suited for our cold brewing process. 

How much caffeine is in your coffee?

Our cold brew coffee is a concentrate. Depending on your preferred ratio of dilution (milk or water), the end caffeine content will vary. It is much easier to drink a cup of cold brew compared to a hot cup so the best advice we can offer is listen to your body and drink responsibly. 

Can I drink Rushmore Cold Brew hot?

Sometimes the day just isn’t complete without a hot cup of coffee in your hands. The great news is our cold brew is equally as delicious when hot! We recommend mixing our concentrate with an equal part milk or water. In order to retain those delicate flavours, just keep it below boiling point.

How long does a bottle of Cold Brew last?

Cold brew keeps well when refrigerated. We recommend enjoying your bottle within 3 weeks of purchase for best flavour. It will keep in the fridge for up to 5 weeks but keep in mind that the aromatic notes begin to diminish after this length of storage. We recommend giving the bottle a light shake before pouring.

Does rushmore need to be kept in the fridge?

All of our bottles are labelled "keep refrigerated", this ensures the flavour will remain consistent for as long as possible. However, we often take our cold brew on adventures for great coffee while in the middle of nowhere. It does just fine at room temperature for those few days.

Do you have a decaf Cold Brew?

This is something we are definitely investigating. At Rushmore we care deeply about creating the best coffee we can. We are actively searching for a decaffeinated bean that will provide an equally satisfying experience.

How many servings is in Rushmore Cold Brew?

Our ready to drink 245ml offer 1 serving, our 485ml concentrate offer 5-6 servings and our 985ml concentrate offer 10-12 servings.

Where do you ship your product?

At this stage, all product is hand delivered around Melbourne and shipped across Australia. We are still investigating our options to get our product around the world and into more hands to enjoy.