Cold Brew Ready-To-Drink 245ml

Cold Brew Ready-To-Drink 245ml


Your buddy on the go. Our 245ml bottle of cold brew is ready to drink. This product is the perfect dilution of reverse osmosis water and our cold brew concentrate.

1 serve.

We have carefully diluted the concentrate for your convenience. This bottle rests perfectly in your hand, fits in the drink holder in your car and will politely sit on your desk. The Ready-To-Drink is the most convenient way to enjoy smooth, aromatic coffee.

For extended use of bottle: Once finished rinse your bottle. Fill with water just past the 245ml text line, and place in the freezer over night. Before you head off on your day, add in concentrate and your favourite mixer, and enjoy.

*To ensure you get the freshest coffee, we bottle our cold brew to order. All orders made before 5:00pm EST on Friday will have their coffee shipped on the following Monday.

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